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Model Release - First 100 Years

The Model agrees to grant consent to the photographer (Marcus Jamieson-Pond; Sue Lacey; Simon Graham; Jamie Williamson; or any other photographer working on behalf of the project) and to First 100 Years in return for free copies of the results

The Model consents to the photographer and/or First 100 Years using the photographs in the following ways:

- Public display (including exhibition and/or use in marketing materials, social media and project website

- Portfolio display on the photographer's website and project website

- Commercial publication

- Non-commercial publication

Images will only ever be used with the sitter's first name displayed and will not include details of employer. As part of our commitment to GDPR your personal data will only be used for the purposes of this project and will never be shared with third parties. 

Assignment/Waiver/Agreement: The Model assigns to the photographer any interest in the copyright in the photographs the Model may have; waives any right to any payment for the use of photographs for any purpose that the Model has consented; and agrees that the photographs may be altered or modified in any manner 

Other Provisions: The Model agrees that the terms of this Model Release Form are for the benefit of the Photographer and any Licensee or assignee of the Photographer (First 100 Years). By signing this Model Release Form, the Model confirms that they are at least 18 years old.  This Model Release Form in governed under English and Welsh law. 

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